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Team Positions & Requirements

COACH & ASSISTANT COACH: must have CATT & Respect in Sport (every 5 years) and appropriate coach certification; can be on bench at games and on ice at practice.

MANAGER: must have CATT & Respect in Sport (every 5 years), cannot be on bench at games or on ice at practice.

SAFETY PERSON: must have CATT & Respect in Sport (every 5 years) and HCSP (trainer); can be on bench at games but not help with coaching (ie opening doors), cannot help on ice at practice.


RESPECT IN SPORT every 5 years; must be completed and on file with NMHA prior to working with team. RIS Frequently Asked Questions

CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK NMHA requires that ALL team staff have current Police Record Checks completed or in process prior to working with team, must be done yearly. 

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