NMHA Constitution & Bylaw Changes

April 18, 2017

Dear NMHA Membership;

You are receiving a copy of the NMHA Constitution and Bylaw revisions, 21 days in advance of the NMHA AGM, as required.  Please review and accept the revisions as compliant to the New Society Act, so that they may be voted on by the membership at the upcoming AGM on May 7th @ 6pm at Oliver Woods Community Center.  Click on below links for reviewing.

NMHA New Constitution

NMHA New Bylaws 2017

The Special Resolution coming forth will be as:

Motion that…

  1. The existing bylaws of the Nanaimo Minor Hockey Association be altered by deleting and cancelling them and the form of bylaws set out in the schedule hereto be created and adopted as the bylaws of the Nanaimo Minor Hockey Association in substitution for the existing bylaws on their filing with the Societies Registry.
  2. On filing of the bylaws in the schedule hereto with the Societies Registry, the equipment manager, the referee-in-chief and the tournament and special events director shall be entitled to vote at meetings of the directors.


Jamie Davis
President – Nanaimo MHA