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Coach Certifications

  • Initiation / Novice:  minimum Initiation Coach 1 or Coach 2
  • Atom Development, Atom Recreational & above: Coach 2/Head Coaches must also have Checking Skills. Bantam & Midget Head Coaches must also have Checking Skills
  • ALL Competitive (carded): minimum DEV1/Head Coaches must also have Checking Skills and MED
  • Bantam Tier 1 Head Coach: must have HP1/must also have Checking Skills and MED
  • Please go to BC Hockey to apply for all clinics

  • ALL team staff must have Respect in Sport: every 5 years: must be completed before working with team
  • ALL team staff must have Concussion Awareness Training prior to participation in any ice times.
  • ALL team staff must have Criminal record Check done, prior to working with the players, August 2019!


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Welcome to ProSmart Hockey!

In an ongoing effort to provide greater value to our community, our association is excited to announce that we will be including ProSmart as part of your minor hockey experience for the 2014/2015 Season.

  1. What is ProSmart Hockey? ProSmart Hockey connects all volunteer coaches, parents, and players to ONE online resource. ProSmart has developed a fully mobile platform full of personalized instructional videos, interactive coaching tools, and so much more!
  1. Who is ProSmart Hockey? ProSmart Hockey has been developed by current and former Hockey professionals, working alongside technology experts in Canada. The ProSmart team includes Hayley Wickenheiser, Wendel Clark, and Scott Hartnell, just to name a few.
  1. Why are we excited to use ProSmart Hockey? ProSmart intimately understands the year after year challenges associations face in finding and encouraging, let alone training, volunteer coaches.

A standardized resource means;

  • Every Coach in every division is on the same page following Hockey Canada’s development program and being supported by professional coaching instruction.
  • Every Player is being introduced to the core fundamentals in the same way at the same time, regardless of the individual team they are on. Associations, therefore, have confidence each player is progressing through their hockey education in the same manner and pace.
  • Every Parent has transparency and confidence, regardless of the volunteer coach they have that season, that their child will receive the same instruction and value as every other player.
  1. How does ProSmart help Coaches? Follow the ProSmart development program & enjoy delivering organized practices, proper skills & fun to your players.

As a volunteer Coach, ProSmart resource will help you:

  • save time from developing your own practice plans. Your time will now be focused delivering high quality, sequentially run, well-organized practices through standardized professionally developed practice plans;
  • fully understand each drill so that you can ensure the players are not simply doing drills but instead “learning the game”;
  • access a wide range of skills videos to help coaches, players & parents learn and understand new skills.
  1. Lastly, how much does it cost? Nothing! The goal of ProSmart is to give every hockey family access to this world-class learning system for FREE! ProSmart has been working very hard with some amazing local and national sponsors in order to cover any costs to you. Their generosity ensures minor hockey associations and minor hockey families across Canada receive access at no charge.

Our association will be sending every coach and parent ProSmart Invites over the coming weeks, so please be sure to check your emails and sign up to

Thank you!



Get Involved!

The Executive Board meets every month on the 2nd Wednesday at 700pm at the NMHA meeting rooms.

If you would like to be a delegate please contact the office with your details and we will let you know when to appear.



Nanaimo Minor Hockey offers a competitive rate for registration. The season runs over 6 months which costs approximately $95 per month for registration fees (paid prior to season or with an approved payment plan). However, some families still find it difficult to register. In these cases there are some funds available for all players.

Please contact the office if you wish to discuss financial assistance.

Kidsport – Applications are available through

Canadian Tire Jump Start – Please visit the Jump Start website for further information.

Trust Funds have been set up for players in need of equipment, please visit the office for details.



Link to Respect in Sport: Respect In Sport Website

Updated: RIS Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact the office to see if you have a current RIS on file.

NMHA Official Online Apparel Store

Interested in Sponsoring?

If you are interested in sponsoring a team please contact Vicky at the office ( ) and she will send you our sponsorship package.

Criminal Record Check

Team Positions & Requirements

COACH & ASSISTANT COACH: must have currentCRC, CATT & Respect in Sport and appropriate coach certification; can be on bench at games and on ice at practice.

MANAGER: must have current CRC, CATT & Respect in Sport , cannot be on bench at games or on ice at practice.

SAFETY PERSON: must have current CRC, CATT & Respect in Sport and HCSP (safety); can be on bench at games but not help with coaching (ie opening doors), cannot help on ice at practice.


RESPECT IN SPORT every 5 years; must be completed and on file with NMHA prior to working with team. RIS Frequently Asked Questions

CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK NMHA requires that ALL team staff have current Police Record Checks completed or in process prior to working with team, must be done yearly.

Deadline for Clinic Completion

Remember that the deadline for full and successful completion all required Coaching Clinics is December 1st.

Concussion Awareness Training(CATT) Respect in Sport & CRC must be completed prior to attending any ice session.

**NOTE: For the 2019 season: RIS courses taken in 2014 or earlier will have expired.

NMHA Thanks Its Sponsors