2020 Clinic Chart

  • Online Clinics such as HU Officiating, HU Coaching & HU Checking are all closed until the end of August
  • RIS & HCSP Certifications – Closed until August 1st  (as any that need renewing this year will expire July 31)

This is due to a roll over of HCR to a new system.

What is required for my coaching, for all Assistant & Head Coaches?

Concussion Training – free – does not expire

Respect in Sport – expires every 4 years

Criminal record Check – yearly

Coaching in Recreational hockey – all levels – including Atom Dev A/B

HU- Online Coach Course – pre-requisite to Caoch1 or Coach 2, if never taken.

Coach 1 (U9 & below) or Coach 2 (U11 & above) 

Head Coaches U11 thru U15 must complete Checking Clinic –

Coaching in Competitive (U13 & above)

Developmental 1 and completion of post task and on ice evaluation.


How To Apply For Clinics

You will need your Hockey Canada ID#.

If you don’t know what your HC ID# is, please complete  the form below and NMHA will provide you with your number.

Once you have your ID#, please go to BC Hockey’s Clinic Registration page.

BC Hockey requires that you pay for clinics online when you register.  NMHA will reimburse you the full amount of the clinics WITH RECEIPTS.

Coaching Clinics

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