Safety & Risk Management

Safety & Risk Management
What is required to be a Team Safety Person?

CATT – Concussion Training – free – does not expire

RIS – Respect in Sport – expires every 4 years

HCSP – Hockey Canada Safety Person

CRC – Criminal record Check – yearly

Please send  your receipts into NMHA and we will reimburse.

Concussion Awareness

BC Hockey – Risk Management – Injury Claims

Parents – the Hockey Canada Injury Report form must be filled in to completion and sent by yourself to BC Hockey (6671 Oldfield Rd, Saanichton, BC V8M 2A1) within 90 days of injury, with a copy given to your team manager or safety person, AND the Nanaimo MHA office.

This form will go BC Hockey and an insurance claim will be set up for any expenses that may come out of your player’s injury. If you do not have extended medical, you submit all receipts (prescription, ambulance, physio, casts, etc.) to BC Hockey and they will reimburse you. You can submit your receipts at any time within 2 years of injury, have your players name, date of birth and association listed with the receipts when sending them in.

If your player has not been able to attend practices and/or games for any injury the Return to Play Form must be completed and given to your team manager or safety person to allow your player back to play.

Keep all copies of forms and receipts for your own records!

Equipment Checklist

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