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    Please note that VIAHA league games cannot be cancelled. Book your tournaments after the schedule comes out. No ice will be allocated to replace any ice returned.



    Extra ice given to teams is charged out at $87.20 per hour, payable by credit card or cash only.


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    • All ice bookings, for all Divisions, shall be coordinated by the Ice Coordinator &/or Administrator.
    • The Ice Coordinator shall consult with the appropriate Division Directors when assigning ice. It is understood that the Association requires the use of ice on specific occasions; it may reassign previously allocated ice, i.e. for Association tournaments, playoff games, makeup games, etc.
    • Initiation, Novice teams may have a minimum of one (1) hour of practice and one (1) hour of game time per week for those weeks in which ice is available. Whenever possible, the Board will strive to provide more than one (1) hour of game time per week.
    • For the Atom, Peewee Bantam, Midget, and Female House divisions, the Ice Coordinator may assign ice so that each team has a minimum of one (1) hour of practice and one and one-half (1½) hours of game time per week for those weeks in which ice is available.
    • For the Competitive teams, the Ice Coordinator may assign ice so that each team will have a minimum of two (1) hour of practices and one (2) hours of game time per week, or according to Island league schedule, for those weeks in which ice is available.
    • Atom development teams the Ice Coordinator may assign ice so that each team will have a minimum of two (1) hour of practices and one (1 ½) hours of game time per week, or according to league schedule, for those weeks in which ice is available.
    • Teams may not revise scheduled ice-practices or games. If ice changes are required the manager must inform any changes to the Ice Coordinator and/or Administrator seven days prior to the necessary changes.
    • If two teams, regardless of fault, arrive for the same hour of practice, this procedure should be adhered to:
      • each team will use half of the ice
      • coaching staff must ensure the safety for all players
      • if any costs are required for that ice hour, costs will be shared equally by both teams.
      • the Divisional Director should be informed of the shared ice as soon as possible.
    • If two teams arrive for the same ice hour, one for a practice, the other for a game, the game team will have that hour of ice. Divisional Director, or who ever is applicable, must be informed as soon as possible.
    • Scheduled ice time not used and not cancelled with the NMHA Ice Coordinator and/or Administrator 7 days prior, will be charged to the team at the rate for the facility booked.
    • Extra ice assigned by the Ice Coordinator &/or Administrator will be done 7 days prior to ice time when available and, after this time, no changes will be made.
    • It is the responsibility of Rep Team managers and Division Directors to look ahead and request ice at least 7 days in advance.
    • If a team does not show up for the ice time allocated, and no previous arrangements had been made with the Ice Coordinator and/or Administrator than the team, allocated to this ice time, will pay for the ice not NMHA. All ice privileges
      will be suspended until payment is received.
    • When ice is returned there is no guarantee of being allocated back at a different date.
    • Notice of needing officials must be done seven days prior.
    • Notice of not needing/cancelling officials must be given to the Administrator & Ice Coordinator within 72 hours. Anything less than that and your team will be invoiced the amount to be paid out to officials.
    • Each team is responsible to have a parent or coach (not ever a player) check the dressing room prior to and after each game or practice. This will protect the team from charges for cleaning or damages.
    • No player shall be allowed on the ice (including having their feet dangling over the boards) until the Zamboni has completely left the ice surface and the Zamboni doors are closed.
    • Please help speed up ice cleaning after practices by moving the nets for the rink attendant.
    • All NMHA members will not hassle any rink attendant for being buzzed off the ice. If a team feels they have been shorted of time, contact the Ice Coordinator and/or Administrator with details. Nothing will be gained by yelling at a Rink Attendant.
    • Teams must clear the ice immediately at the end of their allotted ice time, regardless of whether the full three (3) periods of play have been completed. Timekeepers are instructed by Officials to sound horn or buzzer to signal the end of allotted ice time.
    •  Managers wishing to purchase extra ice may contact the City office and book under NMHA only if NMHA registered players are using it. The Administrator must be contacted 2 days prior to ice time to sign contract and will require that payment be made to the City of Nanaimo prior to signing contract for ice, no exceptions will be made.
    • Division Directors or Team managers must forward their schedules to the Ice Coordinator &/or Administrator, including home, away, exhibition and tournament times. Changes to schedules must be forwarded immediately.
    • Ice Coordinator may make direct contact with Rep Team managers and Division Directors with respect to ice schedules.
    • Rep teams – Managers (only) are to be in contact with Ice Coordinator and/or Administrator.
    • Rep team managers must be in contact with Ice Coordinator &/or Administrator on a regular basis.
    • All ice is scheduled by seniority with Midget T1/T2 being senior team and then on down the line.