NMHA Registration

General Registration Information

ONE Parent or Guardian per registered player must have completed Respect in Sport – Parent OR have a current Respect in Sport – Volunteer, and must be recorded with NMHA prior to registering for the 2018-19 season.

NMHA registers male and female players from 5-20 yrs old. The hockey season runs from Sept – March.

Players will be on the ice mostly twice per week, some weeks are less or none due to other programs or tournaments in the arenas. We request that players be able to skate across the ice with their stick and hockey gear on. If you are looking for lessons or beginners hockey please visit the City of Nanaimo, Parks & Rec site.

NMHA hosts co-ed recreational and female recreational teams (if numbers warrant), as well as competitive (higher skill level) teams.


If you did not receive your package via email please use NMHA Player Registration 2018 and the  VIAHA Parent Contract. Please print off the package and bring in all required documents to the office during posted office hours.  Siblings are able to register with returning players as well. Please return by May 12th to guarantee a placement in NMHA.

OR CALL IN WITH CREDIT CARD-returning players only!



NMHA NEW Player Registration 2018 fill in and read carefully please bring to open registration, which will begin on May 14th at 5pm-8pm. Please note you will be required to have proof of residency within our boundaries(ie. current utility bill) as well as a copy of birth certificate/passport. Please complete the Parent Respect in Sport as well.

Player Transfers From Another Association

Players transferring from another association due to moving into the Nanaimo MHA catchment area must have ALL information requested on all forms, NMHA Registration and VIAHA Transfer Package before Registration is accepted securing a place in NMHA.

Where does my player play if Parent’s are in separate homes within 2 Districts? BC Hockey Regulation – read carefully!

PLEASE NOTE:  All transfer must be approved by VIAHA and BCH.  Nanaimo MHA only collects the data then sends it on your player’s behalf. Please print and read both links below:


North of Takala Road and Brenton Page Road at Oyster Bay and South of Nanoose Beach Road (Arlington Pub) at Nanoose Bay (excludes Nanoose Peninsula)

Information on Registering with NMHA.

 Initiation H1 & H2 – M/F Integrated  n/a
 Initiation H3 & H4 – M/F Integrated  n/a
 Atom – M/F Integrated & Female teams (if numbers warrant)  Atom Development A & B1  (yearly decision of board)
 Peewee – M/F Integrated & Female teams (if numbers warrant)  Peewee T1 & T2 & T3 (yearly decision of board)
 Bantam – M/F Integrated & Female teams (if numbers warrant)  Bantam T1 & T2 & T3 (yearly decision of board)
 Midget – M/F Integrated & Female teams (if numbers warrant)  Midget T1 & T2
 Juvenile  Juvenile (yearly decision)

2018 Registration Costs*

Initiation H1 & H2 5/6 yr – $300
Initiation H3 & H4 7/8 yr – $460
Atom 9/10 yr – $495
Peewee 11/12 yr – $495
Bantam 13/14 yr – $495
Midget 15-17 yr – $495
Juvenile 18-20 yr – $400

Competitive Try Out Fee – $125.00

Competitive Team Assessment costs – $5500* (broken down between # of players on team,*increase possible year to year)

There are other costs associated with being on a team, such as tournaments, meals, travel, hotels, track suits/jackets etc. However that is with up to the teams to decide upon and possible to fund-raise for.

Competitive Tryouts:

Competitive tryouts will be offered if, on the close of regular registration June 1st, registration numbers are such that the Board of Directors deems that a team(s) in category is feasible. Competitive tryout fees must be paid by the close of Regular registration except for those players who are new to the NMHA catchment basin. Any request for an exemption must be made, in writing, to a committee consisting of the President, Managing Director, Competitive Director and Registrar.

If tryouts take place for a team in category, there will be no refund of Competitive tryout fees except on compassionate or medical grounds. Application for refunds must be made to the Registrar prior to the commencement of Competitive tryouts.

Withdrawing from Competitive Tryouts; fees are non-refundable except in compassionate or medical cases. Please send a written explanation to the office for review.

Payment of Fees

A deposit of 50% of the basic registration fee must accompany the registration.  The remainder is payable by post dated cheque dated September 1. Failure to pay the remaining fee by September 1 will result in the player being classified as inactive.

Arrangement for payment plans can be made through the office. 

Example: Pay $100.00 each month starting April 1 and you have your fees paid by 1st month of hockey. Post Dated Cheques or Credit card info must be on hand at the minor hockey office, any NSF cheques declined credit cards are subject to a fee.

Competitive tryout fees must be paid in full upon Registration.

The player (parent) is responsible for application to “Kids Sport” and “Jump Start”  and “A4K” The office must have copies of sent forms or proof of online registration, in order to process off registration costs.

Underage and Overage Players

All players will register in their own age group’s Division. Applications to play in a different Division as an overage or underage player will not be considered until after the player has been evaluated in their own Division. All applications must conform to BCH guidelines and VIAHA Regulations.

No player will be moved into or out of a Division where that movement would jeopardize the operation of that Division.

Applications, where granted, will be for the current season only.


Priority will be given to players residing within the NMHA catchment basin. Players from outside the catchment basin wishing to enroll in NMHA due to their own association having no team in category should apply, in writing, to the registrar with a copy to their home Association.


All withdrawals requests must be made in writing and delivered to the Nanaimo Minor Hockey Clubhouse. Refunds will be issued as follows:

Withdrawal requests received prior to September 1: Refund 100% less $10.00 administration fee.

Withdrawal requests received from September 1 to September 30: Refund Basic Registration Fee, less 1/7th of fee

Withdrawal requests received from October 1 to October 31: Refund Basic Registration Fee, less 2/7th of fee

Withdrawal requests received after October 31: No Refund

Fundraising assessments, rep tryout fees and membership fees are not refundable.

Consideration will be given for refunds for relocation, medical, or compassionate grounds, upon written application to the Board.

Get Involved!

The Executive Board meets every month on the 2nd Wednesday at 700pm at the NMHA meeting rooms.

If you would like to be a delegate please contact the office with your details and we will let you know when to appear.



Nanaimo Minor Hockey offers a competitive rate for registration. The season runs over 6 months which costs approximately $85 per month for registration fees (paid prior to season or with an approved payment plan). However, some families still find it difficult to register. In these cases there are some funds available for all players.

Please contact the office if you wish to discuss financial assistance.

Kidsport – Applications are available through NMHA however you must fill them in and send them yourselves to receive refund from Kidsport.

Canadian Tire Jump Start – NMHA is allotted a certain amount yearly to help families in need of extra support. Please visit the Jump Start website for further information.

Trust Funds have been set up for players in need of equipment, please visit the office for details.

Also, NMHA has a small amount of donated equipment that can be viewed with appointment with the Equipment Manager.



Link to Respect in Sport: Respect In Sport Website

Updated: RIS Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact the office to see if you have a current RIS on file.

NMHA Official Online Apparel Store

Interested in Sponsoring?

If you are interested in sponsoring a team please contact Vicky at the office ( ) and she will send you our sponsorship package.

Criminal Record Check

Team Positions & Requirements

COACH & ASSISTANT COACH: must have CRC, CATT & Respect in Sport (every 5 years) and appropriate coach certification; can be on bench at games and on ice at practice.

MANAGER: must have CRC, CATT & Respect in Sport (every 5 years), cannot be on bench at games or on ice at practice.

SAFETY PERSON: must have CRC, CATT & Respect in Sport (every 5 years) and HCSP (safety); can be on bench at games but not help with coaching (ie opening doors), cannot help on ice at practice.


RESPECT IN SPORT every 5 years; must be completed and on file with NMHA prior to working with team. RIS Frequently Asked Questions

CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK NMHA requires that ALL team staff have current Police Record Checks completed or in process prior to working with team, must be done yearly. 

Deadline for Clinic Completion

Remember that the deadline for full and successful completion all required Coaching Clinics is December 1st.

Concussion Awareness Training(CATT) Respect in Sport & CRC must be completed prior to attending any ice session.

**NOTE: For the 2017 season: RIS courses taken in 2012 or earlier will have expired.

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